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Researcher in investment fund with 7 years' experience of private tutoring on the side

About Aidan


I am an Assistant Vice President working in the Research Division of the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund, Khazanah Nasional. I cover research in energy, semiconductors, and other areas of technology. I have had 6 years’ of experience tutoring in Economics and Mathematics for both IB HL and IGCSE / ‘A’ Level. I also tutors students on preparation for Oxbridge entrance examinations in both subjects. I have advised on submissions for Internal Assessments for the IB HL programme as well.

Teaching Methods

I try to use real-world examples (economics) or relate problem sets to what occurs in the real world (mathematics) in order to induce students to understand why it is important to learn a concept. I introduce problem sets and concepts at a level that is appropriate for each student. Usually, one lesson is all that is required to gauge a student's grasp of the topic and what his or her understanding gaps are. Students are additionally able to benefit from my working experience, which can shed light on how specific skills in mathematics, physics or economics are applicable in the real world.

I like

Reading, Calisthenics, Travelling, Appreciation of Wine, Tea and Coffee, Investing, Looking at Financial Markets

My favorite quote

"Academia is to knowledge what prostitution is to love."