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UK qualified IB, IGCSE, GCSE, IELTS, English Modern Studies and French Language Specialist

About Vidjea


I am a qualified tutor and a teacher trainer from London with over 19 years experience teaching kids and adults globally. Over the years, I have successfully tutored students in English, French, Business Studies, History, Geography, Biology and Social Sciences. I have prepared students for various entrance exams such as 11 plus , IELTS and IGCSE awarding bodies including Cambridge. I also have a track record of students moving up grades within 4 weeks of tuitions and achieving high scores in their tests. Due to my background in Business Management, Teacher Training and Quality Assurance in Education, I also work with corporate clients and schools to provide bespoke training for professional development and management coaching. As a professional, I have high standards and all my lessons are of high quality. I have high expectations for my students and find it appealing to work with individuals who are willing to learn and are dedicated. From byte-sized training to bootcamps, I have designed training to suit all needs and developed resources in addition to published materials to engage my students.

Teaching Methods

As each student is unique, I always have an initial consult during which, I will assess your starting points, learning needs/goals and thereon, agree on a realistic learning plan to achieve your learning goals. As my student, your lessons will be contextualised, you will receive prompt feedback on homework, mock tests, and progress updates against targets. If you are a language learner, in addition to accuracy, you will also gain knowledge about the cultural nuances and any inside information that engender fluency. From PowerPoint slides, quizzes to Prezzi, my methodology will ensure you learn the concepts, criteria against which you are being tested, exam strategies and the pitfalls that you would need to avoid. I will build on your prior knowledge, teach you to fill the knowledge gaps, revise and continuously challenge you so you make tangible progress. I will also provide you with a curated list of resources including links, movies, and songs so your learning is memorable and interesting.

I like

Learning languages - learning Japanese currently; travelling, adventure sports and Muay Thai

My favorite quote

"every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood than of being misunderstood" -Neitzsche