Who are we?
Axiom Academic in a nutshell
We are an independent EdTech startup founded by Mathieu Choplain in 2016, in association with Constantin Mardoukhaev, a former student of the French high school in Moscow (bac 2007), both graduates of the French engineering college Ecole des Mines and Greg Sklyarenko.
More details about Axiom Academic
  • We were born in Moscow and have opened Axiom Academic in more than 20 cities with the sole purpose of offering as many expatriate families as possible a quality home tutoring service!

  • We start every single day with one idea in mind: how to offer the best possible service, how to improve our platform, how to find the best profiles of tutors around the world ... and finally how to help as many students as possible (both children and adults) to achieve their personal goals!

  • We are a young and dynamic team of engineers, programmers, lawyers, community managers and we are recruiting!
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