The Recruitment process is done in 3 steps

All the tutors create an account, complete their profile, go through an interview and start receiving course offers!
CV and LinkedIn profile study
Each tutor provides us with his or her ID (identification document) and a CV, which we study thoroughly. Our priority is to check carefully the experience of each candidate-tutor in tutoring.
Analysis of the recommendations and verification of diploma(s)
We also ask tutors to provide us with a copy of their diplomas (academic degrees, Doctorate, CAPES, MsC, PhD...) and/or certificates (DELF, DALF, CELTA ...) as well as letters of recommendation (the letter is not compulsory).
Personal interview
In order to ensure the motivation of each tutor registering on Axiom Academic, the suitability of each profile with the requirements of the students, and also to create a bond of trust, we strive to meet with as many tutors as possible by Skype or one-on-one when possible.
3 Types of tutors
Tutor profiles and prices are adapted to the specific needs of every single one of our students, from exchange students to full-time teachers!
Profile 1
University exchange student
At least 1 year of experience and a BAC +2. These tutors are often on a university exchange program.
Profile 2
Experienced private tutors
Extensive experience in tutoring, these qualified tutors have already accompanied and guided dozens of middle and high school students.
Profile 3
PhD and full professors
Their full-time job is based solely on education. These tutors possess a degree on pedagogy and/or a PhD! They are highly skilled professionals.
A trial lesson to get acquainted with each other
Before committing to a tutor,
we suggest a trial lesson.
Before committing to a tutor, we suggest a trial lesson to allow the student (and his/her parents) not only to establish the students' strengths and weaknesses, but also to have a better understanding of the pupils' individual needs.
During the trial lesson, the pupil will explain to the tutor the reasons for which he or she is calling upon him/her, as well as the objectives that the pupil wishes to achieve. It is also an opportunity for the tutor to assess the student's level and to come up with a first adapted study program.
Get a reimbursement if you are not satisfied with the tutor
We guarantee to find the right tutor for you; otherwise, we will reimburse you for the trial lesson. In other words, in order to book a tutor, we ask you to pay for the first hour of class. At the end of the session, if the tutor has not entirely convinced you, you can request a refund.