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Refer your friends, earn « Lesson Credits »
The Axiom Academic referral program allows members to earn credits in the form of promotional coupons ("Lesson Credits"), which can be used by families for future lesson bookings and paid to teachers as a bonus on top of their regular pay.
Invite your friends and students and get up to 30 €, 250 HKD, 45 SGD or 120 AED for each of them in « Lesson Credits » or bonus
Get your referral link
Make a request to get your referral link by filling out the short form which is a little further down on this page. We send you your link immediately by email (If you do not see the email in a few minutes, check your “junk mail” folder or “spam” folder).
Share it with your friends and family
Send your referral link to your friends, relatives and family members, or students by SMS, email or WhatsApp. They must imperatively use your link to make their lesson request otherwise we are not able to make the link between you and your referred friends.
Earn « Lesson Credits » and share them with your friends
Receive your Lesson Credits once your referred friends have completed a minimum of 5 hours of lessons paid for and validated by a teacher from the Axiom Academic platform. Your Lesson Credits will automatically be added to your Balance and that of your referred friends.
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