Terms of Service
These Terms of Service apply to the services offered by Axiom Academic
Terms and Definitions
AXIOM: the set of companies named AXIOM Group with the head company AxEd Intl OÜ,

Teacher: an individual who teaches in the field of his professional competence.

Client: an individual who concludes a contract with a teacher through the AXIOM company. This is regarding a student or another person who enter into a contract on behalf of a student.

Student: an individual or entity who plans to attend classes.

Partner: the company / partner AXIOM, which offers services to students.

Lesson: education provided by a teacher.

Services provides by the teaching process: services that the AXIOM company offers to support the teaching process.

Member: a student or teacher who creates a personal account and agrees to comply with these terms of use.

Personal (user) account: personal (user) account created in order to become a member and get access to AXIOM services.

Use of the site is only permitted in strict compliance with these rules of use.

AXIOM reserves the right to change these conditions of use. During the teaching process, in the case of a change to these conditions after the signing of a contract, terms will apply that were originally stated in the contract.

In the case of disagreement with the provisions of these general conditions of use, AXIOM will not provide access to site.
I. Description of the site
AXIOM – clear platform for the establishment (creation) of contractual relations between teachers and students in accordance with certain criteria.

AXIOM allows the user to regularly monitor information on teaching and to obtain everything needed for teaching.

AXIOM can provide certain services in order to support lessons: providing space, supporting teachers, etc.

AXIOM acts as an intermediary between the teachers and the client in contractual relations payments.

AXIOM is not a party to the contract concluded between the teachers and the client.
II. Use of services
Online services are only for the management of the teaching process.

To get access to services, AXIOM members must create a corresponding profile.

The site users must conscientiously fulfil their commitments. In this way, these general conditions of use should be considered in terms of the conscientious implementation of one's commitments.

Users must specify accurate information. AXIOM reserves the right to ask for certain certificates, documents, and license information provided by the user.

All members must create a personal account.

Any information in the personal account can be edited with the control panel, available to all members.

To create a personal account you must fill in the following data:

  • Name, surname
  • Address
  • Region
  • Registration as teacher and/or client
  • E-mail
Users are responsible for the accuracy of the information they give.

1. Use as a teacher

In addition to the above information, the teacher must fill in:

  • Preferred currency for lesson payment
  • Disciplines, levels
  • Available dates of attendance
  • Preferred region(s) for working
  • Description of work experience
  • Length of stay in the city in which the teacher is going to work.
AXIOM evaluates the relevance of the education the teacher provides.

At its discretion, AXIOM reserves the right to choose teachers who want to become AXIOM members.

The teacher agrees to give accurate and reliable information about his education and work experience.

AXIOM is not responsible for incorrect information that the teacher may provide.

2. Use as client

In addition to the information provided, the client must fill in:

(If student or a person acting on behalf of a student orders lessons, they should provide the following data:)

  • Student's name, surname
  • Educational level
  • Disciplines of interest
  • Payment currency
  • When student is ready to start the course (date)
  • Student address
  • Preferred teaching location
  • Frequency of visits and total number of lessons which the student would like to have.
III. AXIOM services
1. Use as teacher

AXIOM analyses data provided by the teacher and compares it to the educational course demands, places an advertisement, sets payment per hour and offers suitable clients.

AXIOM must use all possible means to select suitable students.

AXIOM does not agree to offer the teacher's profile. The ad must be made for suitable student profiles only, depending on the criteria and information in the personal account.

AXIOM agrees to offer students the profile of the most suitable teacher, according to the company, to satisfy all the student's demands.

After receiving client confirmation that the offer was accepted, AXIOM sends a notification (by email) to the teacher. The teacher has the right to accept or to refuse. If the situation requires the clarification of certain issues, AXIOM provides appropriate means of communication.

Once agreed upon in principle (on a specific teacher and student who are going to sign a contract, on discipline, level, payment, and the place and date of the first lesson) there will be a trial lesson.

According to the results of the trial lesson, the contractual relationship will move to the status of contractual obligation.

The contractual relationship between teacher and student is a mandatory default, if through means of communication via the AXIOM platform information is not provided indicating to the contrary. Both sides can stop this contractual relationship.

AXIOM does not agree to inform the teacher about the number of lessons which were ordered by the student.

From the first lesson, the teacher must validate lessons in the system up to three days after each lesson.

AXIOM pays the teacher the amount in the currency specified by him when filling in the profile after AXIOM gets confirmation of the lesson. Lesson validation is provided in the teacher's personal account. Client will have 3 days to add objections after validation. After this period the lesson is considered validated. The teacher receives payment for lessons held in one month no later than the sixth day of the next month.

The teacher gets payment for planned but (not implemented) lessons if the student doesn't cancel at least 6 hours before the lesson. The teacher must inform AXIOM about cancelled lessons for the reason given by the student and there is no cancellation in terms designated for this purpose.

In his personal account the teacher adds the confirmed lesson or notes the cancelled lesson (student's absent).

Data obtained through these tools to control the lessons can be used by AXIOM in offer selection according to the teacher's profile.

The AXIOM company is engaged in the transfer of all funds, as it acts as an intermediary payment service. The teacher agrees not to get payment by any other means in terms of these contractual relationships or in future relationship where AXIOM acts as intermediary.

The teacher agrees to perform his financial obligations in relation to funds obtained through the mediation of AXIOM in the country of residence (income statement or equivalent).

2. Use as client

AXIOM analyzes student's demands and offers the appropriate teacher from the data.

After the selection of a teacher's profile, AXIOM initiates a relationship between teacher and client.

Once agreed upon, the agreement in principle (on a specific teacher and student who are going to sign a contract, on discipline, level, payment, and place and date of the first lesson) will lead to a trial lesson.

According to the results of the trial lesson, the contractual relationship moves to the status of contractual obligation.

The client has a right to terminate the contract at any moment. He must notify the AXIOM company in writing 7 days before the expected date of termination to avoid losing payment for lessons which must be held during the period from the last actual lesson to the moment when the AXIOM company receives the information about the termination of an agreement.

From the first moment of conclusion of a contract and at any time thereafter, you can re-download the number of hours of lessons in a personal account to extend the validity of the initial contract. You should inform AXIOM in detail about all changes made to the initial contract.

The client can order the number of hours that were already paid in his personal account.

Payment for lessons is made from the moment of order on the AXIOM site and with each new order, which should be paid into a personal account.

The client gets notification after each lesson. The client agrees to warn AXIOM within three days about his absence (or other reasons for failure to appear) or any changes to the initial program.

AXIOM can use these data for optimizing selection of profiles.

The client must warn his teacher and AXIOM in case of cancellation of the lesson at least 6 hours before the start of the lesson to avoid losing money paid into a personal account.
IV. Prices (tariffs) and payments
AXIOM applies tariffs and fees depending on a student's demands, a teacher's professional level, experience, certificates, region, place and various other factors.

In return for their services, AXIOM takes a percentage of the amount paid to a client (hereinafter, "service charge").

AXIOM's service charge is a percentage of the amount paid. The teacher knows this percentage.

The amount of the service charge depends on different factors: the uniqueness of the proposed course, region, etc.

To service charges, discounts and promotional offers can be applied.

In the case of two types of currency, a client bears the costs for commission for currency exchange taken at the time of transaction.
V. Means of payment, balance and use of the balance
By making a request, users automatically create an account on the site

From the "payments" page of their account, users can pay for lesson hours by credit card in the currency of the country where the lessons take place.

Each payment will credit the user's account which will then be debited with the corresponding amount each time a teacher validates a lesson.

Users must ensure that their account balance remains positive or zero. Notifications are sent by email if the amount of the balance is insufficient to cover the next lesson hour.

In the event that the balance is negative, Axiom Academic reserves the right to debit the amount of debt owed to the company from the user's bank card. You will receive an email indicating the amount that will be debited from your bank card 3 days before the debit date. During these 3 days you can credit your account yourself.

You authorize charges to your credit card. You will be charged the amount indicated in Axiom Academic email, sent 3 day before the billing date. A receipt for each payment will be provided to you and the charge will appear on your credit card statement. You agree that no prior-notification will be provided unless the date or amount changes, in which case you will receive notice from us at least 10 days prior to the payment being collected.

I understand that this authorization will remain in effect until I cancel it in writing, and I agree to notify Axiom Academic in writing of any changes in my account information or termination of this authorization at least 15 days prior to the next billing date. If the above noted payment dates fall on a weekend or holiday, I understand that the payments may be executed on the next business day.
VI. Duties
Axiom Academic as mediator between teacher and client: Axiom Academic is not a part of any controversy between these two sides.

Axiom Academic is not responsible for incorrect information given by either side.

Axiom Academic is not responsible for the aftermath of non-compliance with the terms of lesson confirmation.

Axiom Academic is not responsible for any operations, currency risks included.

Axiom Academic gives access to the site.

In case of inability to use the Axiom Academic site or in case of any technical problems, the member can not claim compensation.

Axiom Academic reserves the right to make changes to the services offered on the site. Members can not claim compensation connected to these changes.
VII. Intellectual Property rights
1. Information given to Axiom Academic

For information the members provide to Axiom Academic, the company is the only holder of the Intellectual Property rights connected with Services, Platform, content (in particular: texts, graphics, patterns, logotypes, video, information on sound carriers, graphic data), and also software and functional databases.

Axiom Academic provides to the user the non-exclusive license for the personal use of Platform and Services, without assignment of rights to another person.

It is forbidden to use Platform and Services and content for other purposes not included in this document without the prior written permission of Axiom Academic. In particular it is forbidden:

  1. to reproduce, change, adapt, distribute, or publish on open sources the Platform, Services and content, except information that was permitted by Axiom Academic for this purpose.
  2. to change the inner engineering connected to Platform and Services except for permitted exceptions for texts.
  3. to extract or try to extract (in particular: the use of automatic devices or any other tools for data collection) the essential data from the Axiom Academic Platform.
2. Information by site users on Platform

For provision of services according to Platform purposes, the user provides a non-exclusive license for use of data and content which he gives during use of the Services to Axiom Academic. The user permits Axiom Academic to distribute on digital networks and all links (in particular: Internet and mobile networks). Also, the user permits Axiom Academic to place in open access the content of Platform for the external world. During all terms of contractual relationships between the user and Axiom Academic, it is permitted to reproduce, adapt, provide and transmit the user data as a member in the following form:

  1. The user permits Axiom Academic fully or partly to reproduce data for all kinds of digital recordings known today or which will appear in future, in particular all servers, hard discs, memory cards or other equivalents, in all formats, by any means, known today or which will appear in future, in degrees needed for operation storage, preservation, data transfer or loading connected with Platform functioning and providing Services.
  2. The user permits Axiom Academic to adapt and use data transfer and to reproduce on digital media, acceptable today or which will appear in future, specified in paragraph (i) of this section for providing the Services in foreign languages in particular. Under this right the possibility of implementing, with respect for individual non-proprietary rights of the user, the changing of the data format in accordance with images on Platform and/or with technical compatibility connected to publication through the Platform, is understood.
Behavioral Rules

The following are the required rules for both sides in a contractual relationship:

The teacher creates an educational program according to the student's level.

The teacher shows punctuality, stringency and a serious attitude to lessons.

The teacher comes to lesson prepared and balanced.

The teacher implements financial obligations connected to income from his work.

The student shows perseverance, a serious attitude and punctuality.

The student respects the teacher and does all assigned tasks.